Gold collection


The Roberto Cavalli Gold Collection is a flamboyant olfactory rendition of this refined lifestyle, the ultimate tribute to the brand’s philosophy and aesthetics. A state-of-the-art masterpiece of perfumery, it is composed of six exclusive fragrances that will appeal to men and women alike.
An image with a purple flower petals.
An image with all the different perfume bottles as a background and in the front the Divine oud bottle and the royal iris bottle.

Discover the Fragrances


Sensuous and enthralling, Musk has always been a highly sought-after substance, renowned for its intense power of seduction. Baroque Musk contrasts its warm and carnal scent with exotic notes of Neroli and Ylang Ylang.


Supreme Sandal is a magnetic woody oriental that blends deep notes of sandalwood with a counterpoint of honey and black vanilla and a zest of saffron. The sandalwood oil it contains was distilled from the roots of ancient trees that had remained buried for years, slowly maturing in the bosom of the earth.


Oud is the most coveted of all fragrances, costlier even than gold. Extremely addictive, this luxurious and complex scent blends animal, fruity and woody facets. Hypnotic and intense, Divine Oud contrasts Oudwood with an unexpected flowery bouquet of rose, raspberry and violet.


Golden Amber is a rare substance that has been used for centuries in the composition of priceless incenses and perfumes. In a daring composition, balmy and vanilla notes of amber are facetted with blazing coriander and refreshed with a pear top note makes for a fascinating study in contrast.


It takes five years for the delicate Iris rhizomes to mature underground and in special caves where they develop their unique aroma, a slightly powdery perfume blending green and woody inflections. In Royal Iris, this refined and velvety heart note is sublimated by an enveloping accord of sensual leather.


Harvested in the early morning, when its sun kissed dewy petals give off their most opulent and addictive scent, the rose is an ageless symbol of beauty and purity. In Sumptuous Rose, the queen of all flowers is shyly draped in a wondrous mantle of sweet honey and noble sandalwood.