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The founder
An artistic DNA
Born in 1940 surrounded by the astonishing beauty of Florence, Roberto Cavalli early developed a strong interest in the art world thanks to the influence of his grandfather, Giuseppe Rossi, a prominent painter of the Macchiaioli group.
The Power of Imagination
After graduating from the Florence Art Academy, where he matured a passion for patterns, Roberto Cavalli, armed with his entrepreneurial attitude, boundless creativity and imagination, inaugurated the first Tuscan printing works in the Seventies.
The Cavalli Clan
After having two children, Tommaso and Cristiana, from his first marriage, in 1980 Roberto Cavalli tied the knot with Austrian beauty Eva Duringer, who also became his business partner. They have three children: Rachele, Daniele and Robert.
A Flamboyant Lifestyle
From the luxurious vacations on his yacht to the eccentric parties in his Florentine villa, Roberto Cavalli has always surrounded himself with beauty and extravagance. A jet set lifestyle, expression of an unstoppable joie de vivre.