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Paradise Found
Close your eyes and slowly take a deep breath. Then exhale slowly, taking your time. Can you feel it? The scent of the flowers, the noise of the waterfalls, the warmth of the sun that caresses your skin. Now you’re in a dream world, an enchanted, exotic, lush jungle where nature overwhelms the senses. Welcome to the rich, surreal garden of Paradise Found.
Created by maître parfumeur Emilie Coppermann of Symrise, the eau de parfum for women is a luxurious floriental fragrance that opens with intense head notes of pink pepper, orange blossom and an unexpected accord of palm leaves. An enveloping floral heart of frangipani, orange and jasmine is enhanced by a sensual base note of exquisite sandalwood, creating a hypnotic effect."
Come forward. The petals of the flowers have a scent that marks the beginning of your engaging journey into an unknown world, where the sight of vibrant colours and a wild landscape heighten all the sensations experienced by the body. Here paradise is perceived as both a physical location and a state of mind. In this trip from the real world to the imagination, you enter an amplified reality, immersed in an atmosphere of hedonistic bliss."
The eau de toilette for men transfers the pulsating vitality of nature directly onto the skin. The fiery warmth of chili peppers is offset by cool green notes, flowing into a palpitating heart of clary sage, patchouli and cashmeran. An eastern base note of grey amber intensifies and accentuates the hypnotic charm of this oriental fougère fragrance by creative maître parfumeur Jean-Christophe Hérault of IFF.