RC Shows

The feminine universe envisioned by Roberto Cavalli is a mix of seduction and romance, which includes shirts enriched with small ruffles together with sexy knitwear, with nude effects and mini shorts that highlight the silhouette. Essential the iconic denim, for an urban and street touch in full Cavalli style. But what gives life to the collection are the new prints, creating a mosaic of cultural and stylistic influences. The catchy accessories give the final touch to the wardrobe: killer pumps with doric heel and texan tip, sandals with bracelets that encircle the ankle and bags enriched with macrochains.
The male universe follows the common thread of seductive refinement, with a wardrobe of key items designed to stand out beyond seasonality. The first part of the collection is a noir narrative, dominated by a black that allows for material experimentation. Coats like dusters with unexpected geometric cuts on the neckline, new tuxedos with silk satin shirts with crochet details, studded details and feline motifs. The second part, dedicated to luxurious daywear, likes to play with textures and prints, with proposals that reflect the Cavalli DNA.