«Don’t go unnoticed»

Roberto Cavalli Signature embodies an independent, joyful, free and confident woman who has glamour in her veins. Her strong personality is a master of her own destiny, her fragrance is her signature.

The artistic line of the Roberto Cavalli Signature perfume bottle recalls the voluptuous curves of a sensual woman. The solid glass base evokes the strength and the power of its character. Crowned by a tiara-shaped cap formed by Roberto Cavalli’s golden seal, the bottle is adorned with a tiger-print necklace reminiscent of its creator’s emblematic animal prints.

The Notes

Addictive - tonka beans laos benzoin

Sparkling - pink peppercorn

Sensual - orange flower absolute fruity mirabelle

«Absolute glamour»

A sensual and exclusive bottle, an elegant and sophisticated scent, a refined lesson in the art of seduction. The night is still young, full of untold promises. In the velvet half-light of her room, she unveils a sinuous silhouette, baring the soft glow of her golden skin printed tiger gown. Her secret fragrance suddenly fills the air, adding to the incredible sensuality of this moment. Glamour, feminine, absolute.

Nero Assoluto is a decidedly uncompromising creation : absolute quality, absolute sensuality, absolute glamour. An artful contrast of boldness and elegance, it perfectly reflects Roberto Cavalli’s values, his unique sense of style and audacity. It was especially designed for women who are not afraid to stand out and assert themselves.

«The essence of seduction»

All eyes are riveted on her as she moves with the feral grace of an untamed tiger. She exudes a secret radiance, a golden aura of charm and assurance. For hers is the essence of femininity, the essence of seduction, the essence of Cavalli.

The Roberto Cavalli Essenza woman never goes unnoticed. Strong-minded and daring, she embraces the power of her femininity. Fully in touch with her wilder inner-self, she combines authenticity with a sense of flair and style. Positive and confident, she knows that her strong personality is what sets her apart and makes her irresistible.