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Dear Roberto, your vision lives on.

The Roberto Cavalli Maison is honoured to keep alive, with respect and love, the inspiration and creativity of its founder Roberto Cavalli.

Roberto Cavalli - 1960s
Roberto Cavalli - 1960s msg

The story of the man who revolutionised Italian fashion

First years: innate creativity

Roberto Cavalli was born in Florence on November 15, 1940. From a young age, Roberto had a real passion for aesthetics which was a precious inheritance from his ancestors. His grandfather, an impressionist painter, and his mother, a master tailor, wove the first threads of his extraordinary future.

Within the walls of the Academy of Art in Florence, in 1957, Roberto Cavalli discovered the magic of the connection between textiles and creativity. From the moment his hands touched fabrics, he understood that fashion was the perfect tool to express his talent. That's when his journey began, transforming his name into the symbol of a sensual and provocative style.

Roberto Cavalli - 1960s
Roberto Cavalli - 1960s

Sixties: the revolution begins

Enthusiasm leads Roberto Cavalli to found a small fabric printing workshop. Here, he introduces an innovative printing technique on ready-made knitwear garments. This bold act, in a decade of profound social and cultural changes, marks the beginning of an iconic aesthetic that will redefine the concept of luxury and timeless style.

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Roberto Cavalli - Free time
Roberto Cavalli - free time
Roberto Cavalli - elegant

Seventies: distinctive signs

In the 1970s, Roberto Cavalli delves into experimentation with materials, with a focus on leather. In 1970, he makes his Parisian debut with the first collection, which features distinctive leather patchwork, and introduces the innovative use of this technique on jeans. In 1972, he presents the Roberto Cavalli Women's Collection in Italy at the Sala Bianca of Palazzo Pitti.

Stretch denim embellished with decorations, pleated silk shirts, and vibrant animal prints become distinctive trademarks of Roberto Cavalli's creativity, boldly redefining fashion standards.

Roberto Cavalli - 1970s
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Eighties: a rebel style

In the 1980s, Roberto's glamorous aesthetic does not give in to the minimalist fashion introduced by new Japanese and Belgian designers. This decade is marked by a gap between his vision and emerging trends.

In a landscape where major Italian designers start migrating to Milan, Cavalli makes a bold choice: he stays in Florence, dedicating himself to developing his distinctive style, tackling new challenges in the name of continuous innovation with his rebellious spirit.

Roberto Cavalli - 1980 msg
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Nineties: international success

During Fashion Week 1994, Roberto Cavalli presents the collection that will launch his brand internationally, thanks to the enormous success of animal prints which become a distinctive hallmark of the Maison. Roberto becomes one of the most beloved designers by stars and celebrities, who wear his iconic looks with sensuality. The company moves to Milan.

From his endless experiments with denim, Roberto creates the first printed jeans in 1988, sandblasted jeans in 1994, and stretch jeans in 1995, marking a unique moment in fashion history. In 1996, he opens the first flagship boutique in Venice.

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Roberto Cavalli - 2000s intro

From 2000 to 2015: evolution and wins

In the 2000s, Roberto Cavalli continues to push boundaries launching Cavalli Jeans, later rebranded as Just Cavalli. Global expansion solidifies in 2001 with distribution in over 30 countries. In 2007, Cavalli amazes by collaborating with H&M for a high-street collection, with extraordinary success.

In 2010, the brand proudly celebrates 40 years of activity with an exclusive fashion show in Paris. This decade witnesses the relentless evolution and consistent triumphs of Roberto Cavalli in the fashion landscape. Until 2015, the visionary duo composed by Roberto Cavalli and Eva Maria Düringer defines a bold and unique identity, characterized by a sexy, rock-inspired mood.

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From 2015 to today: new chapters

In 2015, Roberto Cavalli steps down from the leadership of the maison. Peter Dundas and Paul Surridge follow in interpreting Roberto's creative vision.

In 2020, the new creative director Fausto Puglisi introduces an entirely fresh perspective, yet respectful of the brand's DNA. Fausto Puglisi's entrance marks the beginning of a new chapter of innovation and creativity in the evolution of the Roberto Cavalli maison.

And the story continues.